African Dawn started as more of a family interest with the owners love of birds being a major influence through out his life. He started taking in orphaned and injured birds and animals but as more and more came in the sanctuary grew and in 1997 it was decided to open it's doors to the public in order to subsidise the growing cost of  feeding and caring for these birds and animals.

Since then the sanctuary has continued to grow and flourish and in 2003 we started a very successful volunteer program to help look after the ever growing number of  residents.

Today we host the largest aviary in the Eastern Cape as well as other beautiful spacious aviaries and enclosures.

We run a successful rehabilitation unit and in January 2015 we finished building our new rehab section which will see numerous birds and animals helped and re released where possible. In 2016 we admitted over 300 birds and animals into African Dawn.

We also have our Endangered Animals which includes our  Blue Duiker and Blue and Crowned Cranes as well as our Cheetahs and Servals.

Please note we are not  breeding our cheetahs or servals and those that are at the sanctuary are ambassdor animals for there species that help to enducate people about the difficulties these endangered animals face.
We do not allow the public any hands on or 'petting' interactions with any of our birds or animals but rather educated though information available .

Our aims and objectives include:

Sunset Jeffreys Bay