Here's a few of our resident birds and animals....

BerthaSteve the CrocGideon the glossy starlingEd one of our Black EaglesIndieAngus the GrysbokMaisie the Guinea FowlNelson the Serval CatAngusFred his lady and chicksBlue a ringneck parakeetAlfie the Border CollieHoney the crossBlue duikerBree (common duiker) and Sansa (Grysbok)Bully a Patagonian parrotEric the pied crow
Jiminy the porcupineJulius the Cape VultureKellogs the SpringbokSalt and Pepper the marmoset monkeysMaurice the one eyed bushbabyOscar the secretary birdSid and some of the meerkat familyPeaches and the dassiesSam the umbrella cockatooSusie, Poppy and Sonny the hooligans!